Thursday, October 29, 2015

Seeing your home in Jannah : On seeking divine help

a chapter from Yasmin Mogahed's, "Reclaim your Heart":

I've heard the story of Asiyah countless times. and each time it strikes me. But it wasn't until recently that her story hit me for another reason entirely. A few months ago, i was facing a difficult test. And the beauty of having righteous, angel-like souls as your company is something priceless. When you are in difficulty, it only takes one text message, one status update on Facebook, one email to the Suhaibwebb listserve, and you have a whole army of beautiful souls praying for you. SubhanAllah

It was just a simple text, ; "May you be shown your Home in Jannah so that any hardship is made easy on you." I read it and it hit me.

I then remembered the story of Asiyah, and suddenly realized something amazing. Asiyah was undergoing the most severe torture any person could ever imagine. Pharoah (Firaun) was the greatest tyrant ever walk the earth. He wasn't just a ruler over her, he was her husband. And in her final moments, Pharoah brutally torture her. But something strange happened. Asiyah smiled. She was going through one of the most severe hardship any human being could experience, and yet she smiled.

How is that? How it is that she could be tortured and smile, and when we face a traffic jam, or someone looks at us the wrong way, we can't handle it? How is it that Prophet Ibrahim (may Allah send His peace and blessings on him) was faced with one of the greatest calamities, and yet the fire felt cool for him? Why do some people who have nothing find no reason to complain, while others who have 'everything' find nothing but reasons to complain? How is it that sometimes we have more patience with the big challenges in life than we do with the everyday small ones?

think about it.

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